Topics of interest

The focus theme for BPMDS 2017 is

Enabling Business Transformation by Business Process Modeling, Development and Support

Though only idea papers should mandatory be devoted to the focus team, BPMDS 2016 welcomes other submissions devoted to this theme as well, i.e. experience reports and research paper. In any case, a submitted paper should be relevant to business process modeling, development and support. Note that BPMDS is not a general purpose BPM conference, which means that such topics as adoption of BPM in a specific region normally lie outside the scope of this conference. Also, we strive after papers that are or have a potential to become applicable in practice. Pure formal papers may lie outside the scope of the conference. In case of doubt whether a paper is suitable to the conference, do not hesitate contacting the organizers. 

Submission topics include but are not limited to:

Business transformation and BPM

  • How does BPMDS enable and contribute to analyzing / understanding / representing business transformation?
  • How does business transformation influence BPMDS?
  • How do projects of business process modeling, development and support contribute to increasing innovative capacities for business transformation?
  • What are the relationships between various types of BPS systems (SoS vs. WFMS, for instance) and types of transformation they help to support?
  • How do transformative technologies such as IoT, cloud-computing, Big Data, etc., impact BPMDS, particularly do they change the notion of business process?
  • How does the rise of platforms and bidirectional markets influence BPMDS?
  • What are cases where business process related projects supported / facilitated business transformation?
  • What are cases where business process related projects did not support / facilitate business transformation?
  • How can BPMDS contribute to integrating people for business transformation, e. g., via human-centric business processes?
  • Business process ecosystems in a connected and elastic world
  • Pervasive business processes and ubiquitous actors supporting business transformation
  • The roles of BPMDS in business analytics and in exploiting the data abundance (“Big Data”)
  • New capabilities of analysis of business process models to support business transformation
Business Process Modeling
  • Business process modeling languages, notations and methods
  • Multi-perspectives on business process modeling
  • Coherence among multi-perspective representations
  • Theoretical foundations for analyzing, modeling business processes
  • Verification and validation of business process models
  • Variability and adaptability of business process models
  • Dynamic configuration: modeling by reuse
  • Granularity, development of reusable and context-aware components: modeling for reuse
  • Domain specific reference models and domain specific modeling languages
  • Decision management and BPMDS
  • Business process modeling enhanced by social software and social networks
Business Process Development
  • Compliance, reliability, security, performance
  • Flexibility, variability, adaptability
  • Metrics, maturity and continuous improvement
  • Strategy, business processes, people and IT: alignment, fit and coherence
  • Knowledge-intensive business processes
  • Context aware business processes
  • Cross-organizational business processes
  • Data-intensive business processes
  • Business process change management and governance issues
  • Enhancing creativity in business processes
Business Process Support
  • Theoretical foundations for simulating or executing business processes
  • Service orientation for better supporting business processes (appropriate level of flexibility, variability, granularity, ...)
  • Business process support combined with social software and social networks
  • Context aware work allocation in business processes
  • Actor support vs. control support in business processes
  • Mobile technologies and context aware business processes
  • Business processes using cloud-services